The genealogy data on these web pages is a compilation of information from many sources. I am researching 5 primary lines - my father Bertrand Fox, his first wife Mary Kent Ziegler, my mother Patricia Noyes, Marty's mother Mary Ann Green and his father LaMar Dyches Gulbransen. Note: details on the living are suppressed.

Many of the sources have not been thoroughly documented and some of the data is preliminary, but I'm including it all. I have many primary sources and quality secondary sources, but also lots of Internet sources that range from scholarly to downright conjecture and fantasy. My philosophy is to present it all and then correct and augment as I hear from researchers with better information or find better records myself. Since much of the data is from uncorroborated sources, there are plenty of myths and legends, and lots of best guesses on how the folk fit together. If you have any additions and/or corrections I would love to hear from you. I'd also love to hear from cousins, no matter how distant!

Much of the original material on the Fox and Snow lines was developed by Simeon M. Fox and his children Philip Fox and Florence Fox Harrop. The initial work on the Noyes line was compiled by Joan Noyes. The initial work on the Ziegler/Hale line was compiled by Barbara Ziegler. The data presented here details their work and everything else I have found to verify and augment it.

The data was compiled using The Master Genealogist software which is unfortunately no longer produced. These pages were created by John Cardinal's Second Site .

I welcome sharing information with other researchers interested in the people in my database. If you are interested in sharing data, please contact me - email me at genealogy at gulbangi dot com (replace at with @ and dot with . to get my real email address).

Ann is the Historian for the Society of Mayflower Descendants in Ohio. Click here to read more!

A few years ago, I received a wonderful piece of Fox family history from Julia Kane. Part of the collection that Simeon Fox saved were 17 of his father Dana's diaries, starting in 1841 and ending the year he died, 1876. They have all been scanned and I have placed links to the files to share them with all who might be interested. This is truely a treasure! Click here to read Dana's diaries.

Click here to read the story of Simeon Fox's experiences with the Kansas 7th Calvary during the Civil War!


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Bertrand Fox, Economist 1908-2000

Philip Fox, Astronomer and Artist

Icons used in these pages:

- an immigrant to North America
- an ancestor of Bertrand Fox
- an ancestor of Patricia Noyes
- an ancestor of Mary Kent Ziegler
- an ancestor of Mary Ann Green
- an ancestor of LaMar Dyches Gulbransen
- more photographs

There are many people in this database that are ancestors of more than one of the lines I am researching - I guess I am my own cousin as well as my husband's and my half brothers'! There are also a handful that link to three lines - can you find them? Hint, none of them are ancestors of LaMar.

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Most wanted

  • Walter Butler - who was he and who were his parents? I have been working on this family and am convinced he was not a descendant of the Walter Butler who married Mary Harris. That Walter's descendants have turned out to be the John and Walter Butler of the Wyoming Valley and Cherry Creek massacres. Another possibility was that our Walter was a descendant of William Butler of Ipswich, MA, but a descendant of that family contributed his DNA to the Butler DNA project and he does not match our Walter. So, we are back to go...
  • Identification of the parents of Mary Brooks who married Nathaniel Cook. Was she the daughter of Samuel as I have hypothesized or some other unidentified Brooks? And if she was the daughter of Samuel, then who was the Mary Brook(s) who married Joshua Moses? I am betting that my Mary was the daughter of Samuel, since Samuel's sister Lydia was Nathaniel's mother.
  • Pallen link in Russia/Eastern Europe. Solomon Pallen immigrated to Richmond, VA, but from where? I have seen him called everything from a disgraced Russian Count to a German peddler!
  • Ancestry of Luke Hanson
  • Absalom Wilson - b, c 1812 in South Carolina, moved to North Carolina and married Margaret Howell.
  • Aaron Hackney, father of Esther Hackney who married Louis Auguste Benoist in 1832. Was he related to the Hackney family in Delaware? Esther was a Quaker, as were the Delaware Hackneys, and the names are so close...
  • David Greenleaf and his wife Mary Bickford, married in Boston in 1705. Neither seems to be related to any families of the same name that I can find.

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